Hybrid Work

7 Pillars

Training Modules

Why 7 Pillars?

"Sometimes it's about more than the technology" 


When we began our journey towards defining hybrid work, we noticed everyone was talking about the same concepts of devices and technology.  If that's all it takes, why do we continue to see employee retention and new hire as one of the major issues HR organizations are working to fix.  Additionally, we want to define actions and not just marketing terms when it comes to a hybrid workplace.   

What we found: Most issues within hybrid work stem from how we work, how we leaders interact, how culture is communicated and the level of stress employee's face when working remote.

Some Core Issues:

  • Why are hybrid employees complaining about cognitive burn-out?

  • Why do employees suffer from a lack of direction or sense of purpose?

  • Why do some employees feel like they are on an island and not a team?

Our Goal: Our mission is to bring these learnings together to help address core issues leading to employee retention.  To provide a sense of belonging to a team, understand the direction and mission of the organization, and how our roles fit into that story.  We all want a sense of purpose in the work we do, feel valued, and rewarded.

See What McKinsey Has To Say:

Colleagues at Work

McKinsey Survey Findings

  • 40% of workers considering leaving their current jobs

  • 52% didn't feel valued by their organization

  • 54% didn't feel valued by their manager

  • 52% didn't feel a sense of belonging

The 7 Pillars


  • Communication

  • Signals of value & care

  • Employee check-in's

  • Working Hours

  • Team activities

  • Importance of video

  • Mission & Vision

  • Promotion


  • Office vs. Remote

  • Company worker profile

  • Worker types

  • Device types

Ways of Working

  • Defining hybrid

  • What it means for employees

  • Expectations

  • Remote work enalebment

  • Tools & Intranet

  • Access to software

  • Access org structure

  • Who can I work with

Human Centric Workplace

  • Reimagine the workplace

  • Ways people like to work

  • Redefine workspace

  • Accessing workspace

  • Preventing Islands

  • Teams, Groups, Crews

  • Scheduling workspace

  • Stress & Productivity

Collaboration & Technology

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Viva

  • Best practices

  • Enablement


  • Intranet

  • Leaders

  • HR

  • Using Video & Streaming

  • All hands


(KPI's & OKR's)

  • Contributing to goals

  • Sense of value

  • Building measures

  • Employee Check-In's

  • Using Viva 

  • Understanding stressors

Hybrid Concepts

Hybrid Concepts introduces the core topics of the 7 pillars in a video guided series of on-demand content.  Content is frequently updated and found in our free members area posted by our community of contributors.  This is our way of building insight, awareness and involvement while the topics surrounding Hybrid Work continue to evolve. 

This is a great place to prepare your project team to include IT, HR and Facilities as you will all have a part to play in the success of your Hybrid Work Plan.

Value Based Outcomes

  • Understand the importantance and new role of leadership

  • Learn how leaders communicate the direction of the organization

  • How to encourage healthy habits and work schedules

  • Why employee's personas matter and how to use them for planning

  • Define what Hybrid Work means 

  • Learn what human centric work is all about and why it matters

  • Understand how collaboration technology will support your mission

  • The value of measures to your employees and how to do it

  • See how the program will extend culture to hybrid workers

Advanced Concepts

Advanced  Concepts builds on prior learnings to begin a series of self guided workshops as your inputs to the actual plan.  In this self-guided series we introduce tools, methodologies, guidance and coach you through defining and building your plan. 

For organizations who are suffering from employee turn over, struggling to define how to take action in building a hybrid plan or simply looking for coaching and guidance.  Advanced Concepts is the place to develop your plan of action.  A great place for IT, HR and Facilities leaders who want to gain achievable outcomes.

"A great way to meet training commitments and objectives for leaders new to hybrid styles."  

Outcomes & What's Included:

  • Workshop modules for each of the 7 pillars

  • Worksheets for action plans around each topic

  • On-going updates & guidance as the topic evolves

  • Certification of training hours and course completion

  • Content for training for new leadership styles 

  • Inputs & Access to 7 Pillars Playbook