"The GO BAG"

  Imagine:  What if we could provide devices aligned to the type of work the employee is doing (Personification), use automation to speed up and simplify user enablement and put everything into a branded welcome kit?  That is exactly what we've created with "The Go Bag."

For companies looking to automate Microsoft Teams Voice migration, enablement and the on-going user's management experience (MACD) we've developed "The-GO-Bag."  This kit is a great way to welcome new employees with an experience tailored to hybrid work addressing issues like the ability to log-in on the first day of work, and a device that fits the persona of the user as defined in our 7 Pillars Playbook.  


We've gone further to provide all the management and support needed for Microsoft Teams Voice in a managed service capability. 

Designed For: New Hires & Hybrid Workers


Everything a new employee or hybrid worker needs in a single bag.  We've automated the activation and implementation of Microsoft Teams users - Powered by AudioCodes Live - to create a great first experience when moving to hybrid work.

We join the automation with our personification training modules to best understand how and what type of work employees are doing so we can recommend the right device type for the work being done.  This gives employees the satisfaction that the company understands their needs and how they want to work.   

Microsoft Teams



The Go Bag is A fully managed service Powered by AudioCodes Live designed for customers who prefer to fully outsource their Microsoft Teams voice operations. The Go Bag helps to automate (MACD) enablement of end-users for instant-on capabilities ensuring your employees are enabled for hybrid work.  Single change or bulk, it takes only minutes to deploy Microsoft Teams.  The Go Bag includes full on-premises integration with existing telephony solutions, survivability solutions, and an enhanced planning workshop with limited migration planning and deployment services.

Full change-management and MACDs , SBC and the Teams voice infrastructure, as well as troubleshooting support for voice issues within local network and third-party systems.


Training Modules& Playbook

Hybrid Strategy Playbook

The GO Bag includes a one year subscription to all Ixiom Solutions training modules, hybrid playbook and materials in the member’s area.  Everything needed to build your hybrid strategy based on Ixiom's 7 Pillars approach. 





"Give your employees the devices they need to be productive, engaged and aligned to their job." 

New employees gain a sense of loyalty and pride when they open a bag filled with great items welcoming them to their new job.  Even more so when the items say the company understands the employees needs. 

Upon completion of our advanced personification training module, Ixiom Solutions will work to identify and develop device recommendations aligned to your selected user personas and needs.  We then help to determine the best devices to balance budget and quality which will be included in your new branded Go Bag. "The Go Bag" making new employee enablement one click a way.  


Powered by AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams: AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams is a portfolio of managed services that removes complexity from the integration of Teams collaboration, unified communications and enterprise telephony. It provides a seamless, rapid and cost-effective migration to Teams for high quality voice and video collaboration.

This fully managed service is complemented by devices-as-a-service, monitoring and management tools, and service-enhancing applications. AudioCodes Live is also available through our global network of telecom resellers and Microsoft 365 partners.  Want to deploy Teams quickly and save? Get The Blog Article For More Info.

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Simple subscription pricing per-seat (minimum of 200 seats) - Devices can be purchased as subscription or one time.



Planned upgrades and software fixes necessary for incident management and maintenance support.

Change Management


Infrastructure and user life cycle, including Move, Add, Change, Deletes.

Backup &



Continuous backups of product configurations and their restoration to the last known good configuration in case of platform outages




Connect Teams to your service provider, PBX or analog devices



Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of voice infrastructure incidents.




Proactive support and expertise on-hand when you need it 24x7.



Periodic call analytics and incident reporting.