For Our Partners

Let US take the mystery out of PIVOTING TO HYBRID WORK

For our partners we use our services to drive revenue to your Microsoft & Zoom alliance with the goal of enhancing your alliance facing business using Hybrid Work Topics.  We help build a clear path between the customers business unit needs, and your technology specialization (Microsoft Teams, Vivia & Zoom) by solving for the business problems and look to our partners to solve for the technology problems.   Our approach helps build and enable our partners to speak the language of hybrid work, in the customers terms and build business case the buyer's needs.   


We provide consultation in business analysis, discovery, aligning sales methodology, and adding your products in a sell with (Co-Sell) structure.  

MRC - Subscriptions | Hybrid Workplace

As thought leaders and developers of value based content, we understand how difficult it can be to develop content when you need it.  Even more so, when you outsource content you end up writing it anyhow.  We are consultants with common background and topic expertise in Hybrid or Human Centric Workplaces.

We're here to help. You can put your brand on our content (white label), use it to enhance your own collaboration portfolio, or generate re-occurring revenue by leveraging the Hybrid Training Modules any way you'd like.

These modules help speak not only to our common customer problems, but also help to retrain sellers in the customer language.  We rethink how sales approaches opportunities when speaking to your own services preparing your team to engage with thought leadership in the hybrid discussion accelerating the ability to solution around your offers. 


  • Qualify hybrid opportunities

  • Reach new buyers like HR & Facilities

  • Speak the new language of hybrid

  • Link hybrid concepts to your product

  • Include concepts in marketing

  • Webinar & speaking prep