The 7 Pillars

Hybrid Workplace


Sometimes gaining support for a plan is just as hard as delivering it.  Our 7 Pillars playbook is the last step before implementing your Hybrid Work Strategy.  The playbook focuses on moving your findings from the Advanced Concepts to a presentation ready format for leadership for support, budget and buy-in.  Regardless of the organization you're starting in you will need the help of peer organizations to be successful, 7 Pillars is the way to do just that.

We help to bring clarity to the role of each organization.  For Example:

  • IT may be expected to enable infrastructure and technology, but how will that technology be used?

  • HR may be expected to determine how leadership will engage employees and want to use technology to do so

  • Facilities may be expected to design and determine how to re-imagine the physical workspace

  • Employees will want to understand what support they have and expect clear communication from all teams

Each of these organizations need to work with each other to best understand the role each will play as well as agreement and alignment on the experience delivered. 

7 Pillars Playbook

After completing each of the prior modules in the advanced concepts, the culmination of each worksheet will develop the inputs needed to maintain your playbook.  The playbook is designed to develop cross-organizational alignment on the plan, influence stakeholders and gain support by presenting each view into something leadership can measure, support and fund.

Although this exercise is self-guided, we're here to help, if you need additional consulting and support, let us know.

Value Based Outcomes

  • Defined Implementation Plan

  • Aligns to company goal - not one size fits all application

  • Presentable plan for buy-in, approval and support

  • Develop roles, responsibilities and expectations across organizations

  • Build cross-functional alignment between IT, HR & Facilities

  • Develop communications plan

Optional Consulting Engagement: On-site two day workshop, instructor lead modules and coaching.