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The Experience

for the Future

A business solutions approach towards hybrid experience, training and collaboration technology

It's Time For Something new

It's Time To Re-Imagine


It's Time to reimagine the workplace and the concept of work.  With the advancements in collaboration technology and the need to bring employees together in the office or globally, we need to rethink the way we enable a great employee experience.   

Let's Define What Hybrid Work Is


Ixiom Solutions helps to define hybrid work to address the real issues for employee success in a hybrid world.  We like to think it's more than just great technology, devices and work locations. Rather, how we develop the workplace of the future to address the real issues of hybrid work like Cognitive Burnout, Loss of Direction, Employee Retention and Re-tooling our leaders for success.


What Employees
have to say

“Am I part of a Team, do we have trust or am I part of a group?”

7 PIllars

​There are many questions when it comes to hybrid work.  We hear things like: What's the role of leadership? what do leaders do?  How do I ensure we build the right experience for employees? 


To enable a great experience, we need to understand how employees work (Personification).  We need to determine the various ways we plan to enable employees to work.  When employees come to the office they need to see value in the function and capability of the office place.  We need to define what technologies roll may be and how will employees will use it.  We are also asked how the company may tie in and how will we measure succcess?  We address these topics in the 7 pillars approach:

7 Pillars:

  • Leadership
  • Personification

  • Ways of Working

  • Human Centric Workplace

  • Collaboration & Technology

  • Culture

  • Measures (KPI's & OKR's)

How We Help

Ixiom Solutions helps to define hybrid work by introducing the concepts required for success, building a basic understanding of these contributing factors and how to apply the needed concepts for success.  We've broken down these topics into what we call our 7 Pillars.  Building on the concepts learned in our free modules, we move to advanced concepts to apply the learnings in an effort to build our Hybrid Playbook and define a strategy to fit your specific organizations needs.  

We complement these efforts by addressing key factors for success.

1. Address first day enablement - "Can I log into my collaboration platform?"

2. Do I have a device that fits my WorkLife (persona)?

3. Does leadership, HR, IT and Facilities team know how to give me what I need to be successful and productive, rather than islands of employees (7 Pillars)

Teams Automation

Enabling a great experience for first time hybrid employees or new joiners is a critical component of employee happiness and success. 

We ensure your new employees have access to the needed collaboration tools on day 1.  We've teamed up with AudioCodes Live for complete automation of Microsoft Teams user enablement.  We've taken configuration time for single or bulk Move, Add, or Change from hours or days down to seconds.    Virtually zero configuration time; apply policy controls and add dial-plan with point in click simplicity, or send a service request and have it managed.  

We've gone the additional step to include automation to the device selection and shipping process as well. Ensuring your new users get the device that fits their work style and needs with "The-GO-Bag."  This kit is a great way to welcome new employees with an experience tailored to hybrid work as a result of the modules defined in our 7 Pillars Playbook.  

Hybrid Work Experience

Hybrid working has changed the concept of the office and redefined the purpose of the workplace.  Employees are asking for more flexibility now more than ever, fueled by technology like Microsoft Teams, Viva and Zoom. Employees want to feel like they're delivering meaningful impact and recognized as a valued team member.  Employees are asking for an experience when connecting to colleagues regardless of office location.    

It's time to rethink the concept of the workplace as something that enables employees the same as technology, but not just technology alone.  It's time to reimagine how people work and define your own hybrid play book. 


Ixiom Solutions has broken down Hybrid Work into our 7 Pillars Approach.  The 7 Pillars approach works in three stages to build your Hybrid Work Plan:

Stage 1

Hybrid Concepts & Training

Hybrid Concepts.jpg

Hybrid Concepts is our free community learning area as a starting point to better define Hybrid Work. We break the topics up into 7 pillars where we explore the cause of common issues and how each contribute to building the human centric workplace. 

Stage 2

Advanced Concepts

Advanced Concepts.jpg

Advanced Concepts build on prior learnings from our Hybrid Concepts modules.  We take things a step farther and apply the concepts in a series of self-guided workshops to include tools, methods and application of the concepts.  These inputs become the foundation for the 7 Pillars Playbook.

Stage 3

7 PIllars Playbook

7 Pillars Playbook.jpg

After defining each of the areas for successful Hybrid Work, we complete the 7 Pillars Playbook which becomes the basis to apply learnings, measures for success and how best to manage the plan connecting IT, HR, and Facilities to a cohesive deliverable plan. 

Designed For:  IT | HR | Facilities



" The Technology Part Just Got Easy" 

For companies looking to automate Microsoft Teams Voice migration, enablement and the on-going user's management experience (MACD) we've developed "The-GO-Bag."  This kit is a great way to welcome new employees with an experience tailored to hybrid work addressing issues like the ability to log-in on the first day of work, and a device that fits the persona of the user as defined in our 7 Pillars Playbook.  


We've gone further to provide all the management and support needed for Microsoft Teams Voice in a managed service capability. 

ABOUT Ixiom Solutions

"We're Here To Help"

Ixiom Solutions is a community of thought leaders and content contributors built by service owners just like you.  We help to enhance the employee experience of the hybrid workplace by focusing on business problems first. Our team helps coach and guide enterprise organizations by introducing modular training for IT, HR and Facilities in an effort to design a human centric approach towards hybrid work.  Our modular approach allows you to determine how best to build your hybrid experience playbook around your business needs.


The Human Centric Workplace addresses core issues like cognitive burnout, employee retention and loss of direction resulting from hybrid models.  Combining our people (human) strategy, we assist IT, HR and Facilities to implement Collaboration Technology.